spring-summer 1998, martin margielabelgian fashion design

Auguste Rodin - Torso of Adèle, 1880

Olivier Theyskens autumn / winter 1999-00

I wanted this collection to be extreme. Monochrome black, with a touch of blue and white. At the same time there was the desire to go beyond the extreme, to show the absurd. In twenty years’ time people will be able to see that my clothes were made in 1999, and they will probably be very difficult to wear.

scans from belgian fashion design (1999)

debut n°01
“We want to change for us the images of fashion designers entirely. It’s not an ideal structure that everyone works on an idea by a genius.
It would be better to progress with partners you can trust, than to dominate everyone by a designer’s ego. I appreciate spending time with family and friends, and would not like to spend my whole life just for fashion.” 
celebrating ten years of themelessness 

Left: Le Petit Chapeau Rouge, fourth year collection by Bernhard Willhelm, 1998. After he graduated, together with Jutta Kraus, Willhelm founded his own label, with men’s and women’s collections. He has been teaching at the Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna since 1999.
Right: Multi, fourth year collection by Erik Verdonck, 1993. Erik Verdonck worked on his own label from 2001 to 2005. Since 2003, he heads the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague.

Lieve Van Gorp spring—summer 1999.
First feeling for fashion: “3000 catholic kids, wearing the exact same uniform, imagine the horror! Customising those clothes to my own style — rebelling just within the rules — is my first recollection when it comes down to fashion. My shirts and socks (regulation white) just hàd to match and be in some sort of pastel colour like pink or yellow. To the powers-that-be I explained that my mother had ‘accidentically’ washed those whities with some strong other colour… I even attached small objects like a puppet or a colourful ribbon to my school blazer with safety pins to personalise it.” 
Lieve Van Gorp’s first feeling for fashion came while she was in high school. To distinguish herself from the other students, she added personal touches to her school uniform, dashes of colour and small accessories … This turned out to be her first step towards a career in fashion. 

Damir Doma FW14



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